Homicide Counter 2018


Homicide Counter 2018 

As at January 19, 2018 - 38


Number Date Area Name
38  Jan 18  POS  Luke Adams
37  Jan 17  Aranjuez  Dave Babwah 
36  Jan 16  Diego Martin  Jerome Ottley 
35  Jan 16  Petit Valley  Jamal Joseph 
34  jan 15  Balandra Rafeek Mohammed 
33 Jan 15  Arima  Dominic Koon Koon 
32 Jan 15  San Fernando  Imani Blackette 
31  Jan 15  Toco  David Callendar 
30  Jan 15 Mt. Lambert  No name yet
29 Jan 13  Fyzabad  Andre Sydney
28  Jan 13  Manzanilla  Ashram Persad 
27 Jan 13   Arima Kurt Monticeux 
26 Jan 13  Aranjuez Leonard de la Rosa 
25 Jan 11 Cunupia  Sheldon Springer 
24  Jan 10  Pleasantville  Akimee Wilson
23  Jan 10 Pleasantville  Jahmai Donaldson 
22 Jan 8 Santa Cruz  Isaiah Joseph 


Jan 8                               


Joshua Andrews                                                


20            Jan 8             Morvant                               Devon Hernandez                                     


Jan 7  Laventille  Andrew Perreira 
18  Jan 6  Freeport  Brandon Khan 
17  Jan 6 Trincity  No Name 
16  Jan 4  Chaguanas  Nicholas Hoyte 
15  Jan 4  Caparo Lylon Alexander 
14  Jan 4  Caparo  Shakeel Thomas 
13  Jan 4  Claxton Bay  Jerimiah Stephen 
12  Jan 4  Barrackpore  Vanessa Ali 
11 Jan 3   Caura   No Name
10 Jan 3 Chaguanas Nazim Mahabud 
9 Jan 2   Couva  Alslem Alleyne
8 Jan 2                   Las Lomas  No Name
7 Jan 2 Chase Village Arias David
6 Jan 1 Longdenville Lutchman Singh 
5       Jan 1 Enterprise Brandon Khan
4 Jan 1  Chaguanas John Ramkissoon
3 Jan 1  Malick Miguel Simmons
2 Jan 1 Champs Fleur Nikkita Bascombe
1 Jan 1 Diego Martin Mark Bascombe




Course Schedule: January - March 2018

Please see attached our upcoming course schedule for January - March 2018!


Upcoming courses - January

Join us for our Women as Managers on Thursday, 25th January. Call us at 223-6999 for more info or to register for this programme.

The Protector Newsletter - Issue 16

The devastation of natural disaster is evident in our current environment. How do we come with losing our home and belongings to an event like this? Can we really ever be prepared for this? To find out more, check out our issue on Natural Disasters. Read more in our 16th Issue on Disaster Preparedness. 

CPP/CPI/PSP Preparation Classes - August 2017


In 2017, ASIS International restructured the CPP exam format for Trinidad and Tobago. All CPP exams will be now done online at a registered centre in Trinidad. These centres have been set up and are now available to conduct online exams for ASIS International. 

Get Qualified! Upgrade your skills in Professional Security or become a Certified Investigator!

CPP is one of the most sought after Security Certifications not only locally but internationally! We also offer the Physical Security Professional and Professional Certified Investigator courses that are all certified by ASIS International.  The preparation classes for these courses starting in August 2017!







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