Course Schedule: April - June 2019

Our Course Schedule for April to June is here! Please have a look and do not hesitate to contact us at 299-8635, 299-8636, 361-1024 to register for any of the programmes. Click on image for larger picture. 


The Protector Newsletter - Issue 19

Stop by and take a read of our latest newsletter - Issue 19 where we touch on Violence against Women. Have a look and let us know your thoughts.


In January 2019 we have a range of exciting and work related programmes that can assist you with your personal and professional development. 

Please see the following:


Security Management: Managing Contracted Security -

Conflict and Dispute Resolution -

Safety and Self Defence -

Report Writing for Law Enforcement Officers -

First Aid and CPR Training -


Click on the link for further info on these programmes. To register for this class, simply send us an email at  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with your contact details and we would contact you with further information. 


Homicide Counter 2019

Homicide Counter 2019

Homicide Rate as at June 13 - 235

No.            DATE                           AREA                                       NAME                    
235  June 13 Carlsen Field  Ricardo Vincent 
234 June 12 POS Shawn Raymond 
233 June 11 Diego Martin John Roger Johnson
232 June 11 D'Abadie Atiba Griffith
231 June 11 Moruga Dennison Baptiste
230 June 11 Moruga Vincent St. Bernard
229 June 10 Belmont Akido O'Garro
228 June 10 Diego Martin Sebastian Julien
227 June 9 Woodbrook No name given - male
226 June 8 Waterloo Evelyn Rojas
225 June 8 Biche Johnathan Romain
224 June 7 Maracas Nicholas Juman
223 June 7 Tunapuna Stephen Martin
222 June 7  Carenage  Clifton Johnson
221 June 7  Carenage  David Roberts 
220  June 4  Oropune  Kadeem Young 
219 June 2 Tunapuna Brandon La Borde
218 June 2 Sangre Grande Jameson Williams
217 June 2 POS Marcus Lynch
216  June 2  Carlsen Field  Ru Seecharan
215 May 30 POS No name given
214 May 30 Diego Martin Harold St. Louis Jr.
213 May 30  St. Joseph Christopher Jones
212 May 30 St. Joseph Kyle Radix
211 May 29 Carapo Darren Marcano
210 May 28 Morvant No name given
209 May 27  Sangre Grande  Richard Paponette 
208  May 27  San Juan  Jeremy Simmons 
207 May 26  Penal  David Crichlow
206 May 26 Penal  Maverick Marcano
205  May 26 Penal Anton Daryl Soodeen
204 May 26 Laventille Kafari Wilson
203 May 26 San Juan Trevor Donald
202 May 23 San Juan Akil Alexander
201 May 23 San Juan Nicholas Jobe
200 May 22


Jeron Ferdinand
199  May 22 Wallerfield Vin Sein Chiang 
198 May 20 St. James Jemma Khan
197 May 16 Diego Martin Brandon Baptiste
196 May 15 Morvant Josh Lalla
195 May 15 Maloney Tyrique Richardson
194 May 15 Maloney Marlon Toby Charles
193 May 12 Laventille Daniel Thomas
192 May 12 Ste. Madeline Ryan Alexander
191 May 11 La Horquetta Braxton Gibbs
190-  May 10 California Haniff Mohammed 
189 May 10 Sangre Grande 'Blacks'
188 May 9 Carapo Saied Williams
187 May 9 Arima Dominic Almarales
186 May 8 La Horquetta Kareem James 
185 May 7  Chaguanas Richard Newton
184 May 6 Tacarigua Kurt Edwards
183 May 6 La Horquetta Emmanuel Serrette
182 May 6 Laventille Travis Callendar
181 May 5 Barataria Veronica Franco
180 May 5 Princes Town Dwight Alibocas
179 May 5 Princes Town Katherine Diaz
178 May 4 Arima Michael Didier
177  May 4  Morvant Desmond Braithwaite 
176 May 2  Tobago Euline John
175  May 2 Tobago  John Mills 
174  May 1  El Socorro  Rajendra Bharath 
173  April 29  Golcanda  Marisol Quintero
172 April 29  Golcanda  Carmelita Quintero
171  April 29  Golconda George Quintero
170  April 28  Morvant  Honore Ifill 
169  April 27  Enterprise Keron Jack 
168  April 26  St. James  Kurlan Gunn 
167 April 26 Laventille Anson Lewis
166  April 26  Mt. D'or Kerron Primus
165 April 26  Cunupia  Bassie Sooknanan 
164 April 25 Barataria Kenneth Parris 
163  April 24  Carapichaima  Eldon Roopnarine 
162  April 23 Maloney  Wadiki Simmons 
161 April 22 La Brea Chaitram Jagdeo
160 April 22 Guapo Bones found
159 April 22 St. James Kevin Bain
158 April 22 Laventille Daniel Thomas
157 April 22 La Horquetta Patrick Aaron
156 April 22 Tunapuna Khelon Thomas
155 April 22 Laventille Keron James
154 April 22 Laventille Erin Ashley Ali
153 April 22 Santa Cruz Fabian Thomas
152 April 21 Carenage Mariva Superville
151 April 21 POS Israel Cox 
150  April 20 POS  Aria Haynes 
149  April 20 POS  Javon Assing
148 April 17 La Romaine Johnny Ramjattan
147 April 16 Debe Haresh Baldath 
146  April 15  Petit Valley  Richard Baird 
145 April 14 Maracas Kiedon Williams
144 April 14 Longdenville, Chaguanas Simmon Mitchell
143 April 13 Beetham David Joseph
142 April 13 Chaguaramas Roger Borriel
141 April 12  Savonetta, Couva Terry Eli
140 April 12 Toco Jacob Choon
139 April 12 Toco Akeila Choon
138 April 12 Toco Shalini Choon
137 April 11 Morvant Curtis Skerette
136 April 11 Glencoe Jose Rodriguez
135 April 10 Champs Fleur Gabre Cordner
134  April 10  D'Abadie Adriel Stafford
133 April 10 La Horquetta Christopher Kanhai
132 April 8 Morvant Andy Simon
131 April 7 Morvant Steven Joseph
130 April 7 Maraval Adrian Grant
129 April 6 Morvant Kareem Garcia
128  April 6 Diego Martin  Peter Kurt Carrera 
127  April 6  Diego Martin Josanne Ragoonanan 
126  April 5  D'Abadie Kenton Jackson 
125  April 5  Laventille  Akil Phillip 
124  April 4  Woodbrook No name given 
123  Mar 31  Penal  Lisha Ramnath
122  Mar 30 La Horquetta Jelani Sampson
121  Mar 28  D'Abadie Mikel Jones 
121  Mar 28 Moruga  Valentine Andrews 
120  Mar 28  St. Joseph  Vishnu Pooran 
119  Mar 27  Chaguanas Keybon Andrews 
118  Mar 27 Diego Martin Anthony Franklin 
117  Mar 26 Carapo  Allister Campbell
116  Mar 26  Siparia  Romeo Mitchell 
115  Mar 26 Tunapuna  Carissa Pierre 
114  Mar 26  Princes Town   Joseph Narine 
113  Mar 25  Carapo  Arnold Joseph 
112  Mar 25 Arouca  Quannie Goulding
111 Mar 24 St. Augustine Rachel Mohammed
110 Mar 23 Couva Netanya Mohamdally
109 Mar 23 Malabar Dwight Francis
108 Mar 22 D'Abadie Emmanuel De Verteuil
107 Mar 21 Diego Martin Jonathan Harrydan
106 Mar 19 Arima Marvin Gordon
105 Mar 19 Petit Valley Andre Douglas
104 Mar 18 Chaguanas Daniel Villafana
103 Mar 17  Cunupia Prince Clint Mendez
102  Mar 17 La Romaine  Joseph Phillip 
101 Mar 17 Princes Town Bones found
100  Mar 16 Carapo  Rudolph Poon 
99  Mar 12  Tobago Donald Parks 
98  Mar 11  Sangre Grande Onika Crafton 
97  Mar 11  Sangre Grande  Jamarie John 
96  Mar 10  Chaguaramas Toongie De Piza 
95 Mar 8  Longdenville  Ian Joseph 
94 Mar 7 Tacarigua Michael Bhim
93  Mar 6  Cocorite  Dureem Baker 
92  Mar 5  Claxton Bay Mark Anthony St. Cyr. 
91 Mar 2  Diego Martin Michael Mungroo
90  Mar 1  California/Couva Daniel Bute 
89  Mar 1  California/Couva  Hanson Bruzual 
88  Mar 1   Valencia  Jonathan Williams
87 Feb 28 Gran Couva No Name given
86  Feb 28 Caroni  Nicholas Janette
85  Feb 26  Matura Trevor Johnson 
84  Feb 24  Cunupia  Jose Jimenez
83  Feb 23  Carenage  Cassius Williams
82 Feb 22 Sangre Grande Nigel Charles
81 Feb 22 Moruga Sheldon Cummings
80  Feb 21  Cedros  Pandroutie Pamela Sinanan
79 Feb 21 Petit Valley  Mickel Luis Boada
78  Feb 20 San Fernando Lyndon Beharry
77  Feb 19  Morvant  No name given 
76  Feb 19    Petit Valley  Shaquille Mendez
75  Feb 18  Chase Village  Dhanroop Jagessar 
74  Feb 18  Belmont  Rhondel Horsford 
73 Feb 17 Gran Couva No Name Given
72 Feb 16   Tunapuna Neil Subra 
71  Feb 14  POS  No name given 
70  Feb 14  Curepe  Curtis Basdeo 
69 Feb 14 Pleasantville Charmayne Gray
68  Feb 14 Valencia  Dhoolarie Ramnarine 
67 Feb 12  Diego Martin Elijah Gooding 
66  Feb 12  Sea Lots  Nigel Francisco 
65  Feb 12  Laventille  Leopold Adams
64  Feb 11  POS  No name given 
63 Feb 11 Carenage Tyrone Joseph
62  Feb 10  Fyzabad  Kendal Cooper
61  Feb 10  POS  Ricardo Chew 
60  Feb 9  Beetham  Kester Ragoobar 
59 Feb 9  Malabar  Isaiah Rampersad 
58  Feb 9  Cocorite  Curtis Franklyn
57  Feb 8 Laventille  Curtis McKenzie
56 Feb 7  Enterprise  Kerron Isles 
55  Feb 7 Tunapuna  Mariah Neptune 
54 Feb 6 POS Jabari Johnson 
53  Feb 6 Tunapuna Ruel Samuel
52 Feb 4 Oropouche Neatha Ramsingh
51         Feb 4              Sealots                                      Patrick Laurie                                
50 Feb 4  Sealots  Tracy Julian Rogers 
49  Feb 3  Sealots  Rawle Williams 
48  Feb 2  Longdenville Jermaine Henry 
47  Feb 2  Sangre Grande  Deshawn Hitlal 
46  Feb 1  Petit Valley  Anthony Carrington 
45  Feb 1  Tobago Anderson Baboonanan 
44  Jan 30  Tunapuna  Anthony Slater 
43  Jan 30  Siparia  Angela Mckenzie
42  Jan 30 San Fernando  Keyah Fyfield
41  Jan 28 San Juan  Layne Cumberbatch 
40  Jan 28 Arouca  Solon James 
39  Jan 28  Arouca Dillon Logan
38  Jan 27  POS Matthew James 
37  Jan 27  Chaguanas Henry Joseph
36 Jan 27  Petit Valley Jeffery Charles 
35  Jan 26  Barataria  Cornelius Samuel 
34  Jan 26 Laventille Michael Mitchell 
33  Jan 23  Aranjuez Clevon Frederick 
32 Jan 22 Las Lomas  Sheldon Sukdeo 
31  Jan 20  Carenage  Jamal Moses 
30 Jan 20  St. Joseph  Keron Rampersad 
29 Jan 20  St. Joseph Krystal Heeralal
28  Jan 20  San Fernando  Anthony Jabari Paul 
27  Jan 19  Morvant Aido Patrick 
26 Jan 19 Tarcarigua Adrian Ali
25 Jan 18 Matura  Jake Halls 
24  Jan 18  Claxton Bay Dane Lewis 
23  Jan 17  Cocorite  Kaiz James 
22  Jan 16 Malick Kevon Richardson 
21  Jan 15 Tobago Dwarika Moses
20  Jan 15 Belmont Dwayne James
19  Jan 15 El Dorado  Darius Joseph 
18  Jan 15  El Dorado Akash Dookie
17 Jan 15  Arima  Yahvel Joseph
16  Jan 15  Arima Nathan Cummings 
15  Jan 14  POS Rupert Derrick 
14  Jan 14 Tunapuna  Charisse Bramble 
13  Jan 14  Mt. Hope  Brandon Barker
12 Jan 13  Maturita, Arima  Ashton Torres 
11  Jan 10 Carenage Marcus Haynes
10  Jan 8  Princes Town  Oswald Alleyne
09 Jan 8 Princes Town Mark Stephen
08  Jan 7  Arouca Gordon/Garvey Campo
07  Jan 6  Enterprise Kenneth Nagim
06  Jan 4  Cunupia  Acton Jacelon-Moore
05  Jan 2  Malabar, Arima  Kelvin Rennie 
04  Jan 2  Curepe  Keenon Smith 
03  Jan 2 Arima  Kyron Bartholemew 
02  Jan 1 San Fernando Samuel Sookdeo 
01         Jan 1              Sea Lots                                    Daniel Mahabir                               

Pearson Vue FAQs



1. What is Pearson VUE?

Pearson VUE provides computer-based testing for information technology, academic, government and professional testing programs around the world. Pearson VUE provides a full suite of services from test development to data management, and delivers exams through the world’s most comprehensive and secure network of Test Centre Locations in 175 countries.


2. Can I walk into a Pearson VUE location and expect to take an exam right away?

No you cannot. 24-48-hour advance registration through CertTracker is required.


3. What forms of ID are acceptable for candidates to provide at the time of admission to a Pearson VUE testing center?

During the admissions process candidates must provide two (2) valid forms of identification. Acceptable forms of ID are:

  1. Driver’s license
  2. II. Passport
  3. National ID Card


4. What is CertTracker?

CertTracker is the database where the Symantec Accreditation and Certification Programs (Symantec)  maintain all candidate assessment and exam records. It allows candidates to track their certification credentials and download logos for use on profiles, business cards, etc. CertTracker also includes links where candidates can request electronic certificates upon passing an exam. CertTracker.


5. Is CertTracker the only way to register for a Pearson VUE exam?

Yes, the only way to register for a Symantec exam will be through CertTracker.

IMPORTANT NOTE ABOUT REGISTRATION: Your name must exactly match what is listed in Symantec CertTracker and your identification that is presented at a Pearson VUE test centre or you will be unable to take an exam and forfeit your exam fee. Candidate name and company name changes can only be made by submitting a CertTracker Incident or emailing This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. . Please allow 24-48 hours for CertTracker updates to reflect in all systems.


6. How do I know if I have a Symantec CertTracker account already?

If you have ever attempted a Symantec accreditation or certification exam, you have an existing Symantec CertTracker account. Click  to access Symantec’s CertTracker. If you need assistance logging into your account, select the “Account Recovery” link from the CertTracker login page if you have forgotten your CertTracker login credentials and follow the instructions provided.

 If you need further assistance, please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with your existing CertTracker login credentials.


7. How do I set up a new account in the Symantec CertTracker system in order to register for an exam at Pearson VUE?

If you are a “New User” and have never attempted a Symantec Certification or Accreditation exam, you must create a new Symantec CertTracker account in order to register for an exam at Pearson VUE. For “New Users” - The “Account Activation” email notice will include a link and detailed instructions on how to access the site. Click here to access Symantec’s CertTracker. Next, click on the “New User” link and follow the instructions provided to set up a new account.


8. What are the steps to take a Symantec exam?

  • Prepare for an exam - Participate in training be it classroom, virtual, web-based ii. Recommended additional preparation resources – study guides, product documentation, hands-on experience. Get certified the right way and be aware of Symantec’s Testing Requirements.
  • Select an exam and register with Pearson VUE). Locate exams on our website and Log in to CertTracker.  Locate a test centre. Pay for the exam to secure your testing location and time.
  • Day of the Exam -  Bring two (2) forms of identification and the Pearson VUE confirmation letter


9. What is the admission process for Symantec candidates?

The admission process when taking proctored exams includes enhanced security requirements for those wishing to take Symantec exams. The exam registration process is streamlined so that candidates will register for exams directly from their own Symantec CertTracker account. This will ensure that exam results flow to the intended candidate exam records. In addition to the current identification and admission requirements, candidates who are taking a proctored exam will now be photographed and asked to provide a digital signature.

The photograph and signature will become a permanent part of each candidate’s Symantec certification record. Photos taken during the admission process will be printed on score reports and all candidate data will be securely stored and protected by Pearson VUE. These requirements may be modified according to local laws.


10. What are the benefits of capturing digital photos and signatures?

Digital photos may be used to assure employers that the person presenting the certification credential is the same individual who took the exam. Likewise, candidates are given peace of mind knowing that their credentials are protected. Further, this initiative will help to ensure that Symantec IT certifications maintain their integrity and value within the marketplace.


11. How will a candidate’s personal information be stored?

Both Symantec and Pearson VUE employ rigorous measures to ensure data privacy. Although technical testing is a significant part of Pearson VUE’s business, the company also routinely delivers a variety of other high-stakes exams—everything from medical board licensing exams to the GMAT. The same methodologies used for the collection, encryption and storage of data for these programs are used for the Symantec certification program. For additional information, each company’s Privacy Policy can be found on:


12. How do I set up a new account in the Symantec CertTracker system in order to register for an exam at Pearson VUE?

If you are a “New User” and have never attempted a Symantec Certification or Accreditation exam, you must create a new Symantec CertTracker account in order to register for an exam at Pearson VUE. For “New Users” - The “Account Activation” email notice will include a link and detailed instructions on how to access the site. · Customers: Click here to access Symantec’s CertTracker. Next, click on the “New User” link and follow the instructions provided to set up a new account.


13. How far in advance do candidates need to cancel or reschedule their exam appointments?

Candidates taking proctored exams must cancel or reschedule their exam appointments no later than 24 hours before the appointment date. Example: If your appointment is scheduled for 12pm tomorrow, you must cancel/reschedule no later than 12pm today. A refund will be issued for cancelled transactions with appropriate 24 hour notification.


14. Where are Pearson VUE Test Centres located?

Pearson VUE currently has more than 5,000 Pearson VUE Testing Centres in more than 175 countries. Symantec testing will be available at Pearson VUE test centers worldwide. You will be able to find a Pearson VUE test centre near you by using the Test Centre Locator.


15. Will exams be available at the same testing centers as with the previous testing partner?

Not necessarily. Pearson VUE has over 5,000 test centres in 175 countries worldwide. The easiest way to locate one near you is to use the Test Centre Locator.


For more information on Pearson Vue exams, click this link:




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