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One of the most in demand global services requires trained, effective, efficient and experienced personnel to deliver the quality service that is expected. Our courses deliver both physical and academic training to security personnel at every level, in a way that is industry focused and relevant.

# Course Title Start Date Finish date Price
1 CCTV Incident Report Writing Tue, 13 October 2020 Sat, 17 October 2020 450 TTD Per Seat


A critical step in the entire CCTV operations is to document what took place when incidents are recorded by the cameras. It will make little or no sense to have the video footage captured on the system and the information cannot be transmitted in the most convincing way to apprehend and bring the perpetrator(s) to justice.
This course will treat with all of the required elements of a CCTV Incident Report.

These Reports will then be used as further evidence and legal statements by law enforcement and employers to take action on alleged criminals. 

This is an online course

Date: Oct 13 (6pm-8pm), 15 (6pm - 9pm) and 17 (9am - 12 noon)

Cost: $450

Training done by qualified and experienced professional

Certificate given

To register for this course, please click on this link - 

2 CCTV: Planning and Design Solutions Tue, 01 December 2020 Sat, 05 December 2020 450 TTD Per Seat



COURSE DESCRIPTION: Increasingly, many organizations of all sizes and homes are implementing CCTV systems as a viable crime prevention and/or crime detection strategy. Even further, many organizations and persons are seriously contemplating doing so as it has become the in-thing.  This, however, can be a significant investment. The timely course certainly assists potential and existing CCTV users to consider or review all of the necessary factors when planning and designing the best CCTV solution to solve their peculiar security and safety needs.

There exists a wide variety of options available to organizations and persons; they should not be pushed into implementing a CCTV system without knowing all of options available. Deciding on a CCTV system can be a complicated process, but this course simplifies all such matters for even a non-technical person will understand. Not only is the necessary needs analysis process covered in this course, but also, the multiplicity of considerations will be adequately treated.

Don’t be left in the dark when planning and designing your CCTV system. Know how to play your important role!


Certificate Awarded. Training by experienced Electronic Security Professional.

Date: December 1 (6-8pm), 3 (6-9pm) and 5 (9am - 12 noon)

Online Cost: $450


To Register for this course:

Email us at or call us at 223-6999 or 299-8635/299-8636




3 Security Access Control Mon, 23 November 2020 Sat, 28 November 2020 450 TTD Per Seat




Security Access Control of Business

 How much access should external persons have to your organisation? Without proper security controls in place, organisations can experience unwanted incidents that can lead to unexpected financial losses, theft, robberies within the organization.

A critical area of concern for all businesses and other types of organisations is access to the premises, floors, offices, rooms, storerooms, car parks, etc. People do only mean visitors or customers; they include staff members, workmen, repair personnel and anyone who may require access to the office area.

In this timely course, participants will gain an understanding of the varying needs for security access control and the multitude of security access control techniques both traditional and cutting-edge solutions that are available today. 

This programme offers expertise about various levels of security access control systems and will allow the participant to expand to a access control system that would work best for their organisation.

 New Dates!

Date: Online Classes start November 23, 25 and 28th, 2020

Time: Weekdays 6:00pm- 9:00pm; Saturday 9.00am - 12 noon (8 contact hours)

Cost: $450 per participant 

Online Certificate Awarded.

Training by Experienced and Qualified Professional



To Register for this course  - 

Email us at or call us at 223-6999 or 299-8635 /8636

4 Security Management: Effective DisciplinaryTechniques Tue, 06 October 2020 Sat, 10 October 2020 1500 TTD Per Seat

All online courses are now $450.00

COURSE DESCRIPTION: This course addresses two very serious areas in security supervision, that is, identifying the need for various types of counselling interventions for employees who may be exhibiting particular social and psychological behaviours and attitudes that warrant redress. It will also empower persons to take preventative action where necessary. 

The security and public safety industry can be a very hectic and challenging one given its main area of business - crime, violence, burglaries, robberies, long hours of work, stressful working conditions, conflicts with co-workers, personal financial strain, etc. This scenario can negatively impact the physical and emotional well-being of persons, their job performance, the relationship with their families and friends, etc. If these issues are not identified and treated in a timely manner, they can escalate and have serious disastrous consequences.

The course will also expose participants on how to detect early signs through diagnostic testing and discuss the range of solutions that can be adopted to assist affected employees.

Unfortunately, at times, situations may warrant supervisors and/or managers in security and public safety organizations to initiate disciplinary action against staff for breaches they would have committed. This, of course, should be done after due process and in accordance to company policy (where there is one). But, is that company policy effective? Do staff repeatedly break company rules and why? Do staff find new ways to circumvent rules, how and why? How can you get disciplinary processes and disciplinary action to work positively for both company and staff? These critical issues will be covered in this course. Importantly, this course will assist companies in establishing disciplinary policies or enhancing those that already exist according to contemporary standards.

The course will also show how to blend appropriate reward systems with disciplinary protocols. It presents a wide range of disciplinary processes that is available for security and public safety officers. These include innovative options within verbal, written, directive, suspension, reduction in rank and dismissals categories. Key DOs and DONTS in disciplinary processes will be shared with all course participants to ensure that their organization improves its standards and get a more disciplined staff complement.



Certificate Awarded. Training by experienced and qualified Security Management Professional.

DATES AND TIME: Oct 6th (6pm-8pm), 8th (6pm-9pm), 10th (9am-12 noon) - 8 contact hours

COST: $450

To register for this course, please call us at 299-8635/8636 or email us at You can also use this link -

5 Security Management:Leadership Techniques Mon, 16 November 2020 Sat, 21 November 2020 450 TTD


COURSE DESCRIPTION: In many security companies or institutions with security departments, a very serious and real challenge confronts them – how to manage and lead in a changing environment.  The course also delves into team work and how to make it more effective and productive.

This course covers various strategies and techniques that can be adopted by both institutions and individuals to make the best transition possible. Many H.R. management issues as well as psychological interventions are tackled in the course to “smooth” the change process out. By having a knowledge and know-how to lead a successful team is key to professional development. This course also identifies characteristics of effective team building and determines the characteristics of effective leadership. 

The course will also teach techniques in which the manager or supervisor may be able to conceptualise and internalise their leadership role and harness the many years of experience  to the benefit of the individual and the organization as a whole. 


Date: November 16 ( 6pm - 8pm), 18 (6pm - 9pm) and 21st (9am - 12 noon) 

Cost: $450

Training by qualified and experienced Professional

Certificate  Awarded


To Register for this course use this link -


Email us at or call us at 223-6999 or 299-8635/8636 




6 Security Risk Analysis Tue, 03 November 2020 Sat, 07 November 2020 450 TTD Per Seat




COURSE DESCRIPTION: This course provides participants with a strong working knowledge of key instruments in determining security vulnerability and risks. For instance, participants will be trained to execute on-site examinations and analyses of an industrial plant, business, home or public or private institution to ascertain the current security status.

It identifies deficiencies or excesses, determine the protection needed and make recommendations to improve the current security situation. More specifically, participants will be taught to gather the following risk data:

• Geography and climate
• Size and configuration
• Social and political environment
• Internal activity
• Physical safeguards
• Fire and disaster
• Controls
• Indemnity

Importantly, the course instructs participants on the mechanisms to conduct such assessments to realize optimum customer satisfaction and safety.


DATE: November 3 (6-8pm), 5 (6-9pm)and 7th,(9am - 12 noon) 

TIME: Weekdays: 6.00pm - 9.00pm and Saturday: 9.00am - 12.00 noon

COST: $450 online

 Certificate Awarded.
Training by experienced and qualified Security Professional. 

To Register for this course use this link -

Email us at or call us at 223-6999 or 299-8635/8636



7 Undercover Investigations Tue, 17 November 2020 Sat, 21 November 2020 450 TTD

All Online Courses are now $450!

In many spheres of the work and other professional environments, it may be necessary to have appropriate staff perform investigations to gather reliable information and facts to guide decision-making. One very important type of investigation that is required is that of undercover investigations  - for particular reasons. 

This very powerful and sensitive course provides the key information and training to perform undercover investigations. It treats from why this type of investigation is needed, to what are the requirements for it, the actual steps in the investigation, to reporting of the findings.

At the end of this course, participants would learn:

  • Types of investigations / Distinctions between covert and undercover investigations
  • When and why to use undercover investigations
  • Principles and practices of undercover investigations
  • Types of undercover investigations
  • Steps in performing undercover investigations
  • Technology and undercover investigations

This is an online course

Date: November 17 (6-8pm), 19 (6-9pm) and 21 (1-4pm)

Cost: $450

Training done by experienced and qualified professional

Certificate Awarded.

To register for this course, you can call us at 299-8635/8636 or email us at


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