Fraud Identification and Prevention

Start Date:
Mon, 08 March 2021
Finish date:
Sat, 13 March 2021
Last Revised:
Thursday, 04 February 2021
450 TTD Per Seat


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COURSE DESCRIPTION: The words “corruption” and “fraud” are always in the news, and are ever present when the collapse of organizations and businesses are discussed. In general, however, business schools do not really educate on how to defend against fraud and corruption nor how to investigate incidents. The widespread growth in white-collar crime has greatly raised the demand for forensic accountants/ fraud investigators and auditors who possess specific investigative skills. This course is intended to equip students with skills that can be utilized to reduce the impact of fraud and corruption and put value back into any organization.

At the end of the course, participants will be able to:


ADDITIONAL INFO: Certificate  Awarded. Training by experienced and qualified forensic accountant/auditor. 


Duration: 8 contact hours

Date: March 8 (6-8pm), 10th (6-9pm), 13th (1pm - 4pm)

 Online Cost: $450

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