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# Course Title Start Date Finish date Price
1 Advanced Fraud Investigations Mon, 17 July 2023 Fri, 21 July 2023 600 TTD Per Seat

Online Courses cost $600.00


Fraud investigations are generally complex, long and can be tiresome. But the joy that a fraud investigator gets in doing this is worth every minute “spent on the job.” To many persons, it’s too much for them. But there are those who have been bitten by the fraud investigation bug that they can’t get enough.

This very exciting course treats in some detail critical matters of the fraud investigation process. It delves heavier into matters of (a) the decision to investigate or not, (b) planning the investigation, (c) conducting the interviews, (d) reviewing the records, (e) analysing the evidence, and (f) writing the final report. Existing and emerging technology can play a key role in fraud investigations.

The ultimate objective is to have a fair, legal and thorough investigation process that generates appropriate conclusions and recommendations and this course strengthens your ability to do so.

 Main Learning Objectives:

At the end of the course, participants will be able to:

  • Get a good understanding of the entire fraud investigation process
  • Get a good understanding on how to conduct all steps in fraud investigations
  • Go through actual fraud investigations
  • Know how to generate conclusions and recommendations
  • Know how to produce reports and make presentations
  • Know the DOs and DONTs in fraud investigations 

Know the use of cutting-edge thinking and technology in fraud investigations


DATE AND TIME: July 17th-18th, 6:00-9:00pm, and Thursday 20th, 6:00-8:00pm 


Training by Qualified professional. Certificate Awarded. 

To Register for this course: Email us at or call us at 223-6999 or 299-8635/299-8636 

Level: Advanced
Capacity: 50 of 50
2 Criminal Law, Evidence and Criminal Procedures for Estate Constables and Security Personnel Wed, 21 October 2015 Wed, 21 October 2015 950 TTD Per Seat

Course Fee $950.00

COURSE DESCRIPTION:This course firstly contextualizes evidence and criminal procedures as an integral part of the entire criminal justice system. It then familiarizes participants with the fundamentals of criminal evidence as it pertains to the legal presentations of evidence in a criminal trial, and with the role of legal counsel.

Further, critical constitutional issues are examined that involve a variety of evidence from hearsay to physical evidence. Trial procedures such as expert witness testimony, police testimony and testimonial privileges are analysed.


Wednesday 21st October 2015 8:00am-5:30pm (8 contact hours)

T&T Bureau of Standards, 1-2 Century Drive, Trincity Industrial Estate, Macoya.


Level: Default
3 Effective Communication for Law Enforcement Wed, 04 October 2023 Wed, 25 October 2023 1200 TTD

At the end of the course, participants will be able to appreciate the role and importance of communication for the security sector, but more importantly, what he/she needs to do (or don’t do), to satisfy the customer/client in the best way possible.


Certificate of Participation Awarded. Training by experienced and qualified Security Professional.

DATES: 4th October - 25th October (Wednesday's)

TIME: 6pm-8pm

LOCATION: Online Training

PRICE: $795 TTD (Early Bird), Regular: $1,200 TTD

Training by qualified and experienced Professional. 

Certificate Awarded. 

To register, contact us at 223-6999, 299-8635/36, 361-1024 or

Capacity: 0 of 0
4 Narcotics and Dangerous Substances in T&T- Definition, Treatment and Law Enforcement Not Specified Not Specified 900 TTD Per Seat

Course Fee $900.00

COURSE DESCRIPTION: This course examines the definition, identification, characteristics and treatment strategies of over-the-counter and illegal drugs and the enforcement of laws relating to them. Participants’ interactions will focus on the major effects – psychological, physical, social and legal - of common drugs, including how and why drugs work; and the historical origins of common drugs of abuse.

They will be able to compare and contrast drug addiction treatment strategies, analyse current patterns of abuse and distinctive features of a drug’s abuse potential, to ascertain the law enforcement response to drug use and to compare and contrast biological, psychological and sociological explanations for addiction.  The issue of rehabilitation is a key component of this course in which participants will be encouraged to critique as well as devise their own approach in dealing with this problem. 

SCHEDULE (8 contact hours)



5 Regional Law Enforcement Programmes Thu, 01 March 2018 Fri, 14 December 2018 0 TTD

Caribbean Institute for Security and Public Safety in partnership with Miami Dade College School of Justice  present the following training programmes: 


Recent incidents inthe world have highlighted the need for further training in the appropriate Use of Force by officers. 

Key Elements of Programme:

  • Levels of Use of Force, Procedural Justice & Legitimacy
  • Methods & Tactics of Use of Force
  • International & Local Case Studies in Use of Force
  • Reducing Liability in Use of Force 
  • Effective Methods of Responding to Media after the Use of Force

Target Audience: 

Supervisors, Managers and Leaders in Law Enforcement, Prison, Defence Force, Private Security, Immigration Detention, etc



Officers in their line of duty face a range of dangerous and threatening situations. They must be adequately prepared and trained to respond appropriately to such situations. Officers may be responding to robberies, break-ins, shootings, emergency alarms, domestic violence, community protests, etc. This course empowers Responding Officers with the necessary tactics and strategies using international and local standards. Participants will experience hands-on training on all areas.  

Key Elements of Programme:

  • Approaches to Dangerous Scenes
  • Incident Command Systems for Single and Multiple Incidents
  • Managing Dangerous Situations
  • Securing a Scene, Communications, Setting-Up Perimeters, Preparation for Perimeter Searchers
  • Local legislation and policies
  • Conduct of Area Searches, Searching of Buildings, etc.  

Target Audience:

Police officers, security officers, defence force personnel, supervisors and managers of responding officers and interested members of the public.



This crucial training provides participants with the requisite skills in the “art” of surveillance. These tactics and techniques (both traditional and contemporary) are extremely useful to aid criminal and other types of investigations. It provides an ideal opportunity for personnel who are engaged in Surveillance and Counter-Surveillance to learn from international experts, retool and stay sharp to effectively execute their duties. 

Key Elements of Programme:

  • Using Surveillance to build strong criminal cases 
  • Local, regional and international laws, guidelines and rulings on Surveillance
  • Tools of the Surveillance Trade: Cameras, Monitoring and Tracking Devices
  • Type of Surveillance (e.g., stationery, foot, vehicular, air, satellite, electronic, etc)
  • Profiling and Surveillance
  • Preparing an Operational Surveillance Plan
  • Tactics in Surveillance and Counter-Surveillance
  • Preparing & Leading Effective Surveillance Teams
  • Preparation & Use of Surveillance Notes

Target Audience:

Personnel from: Law enforcement, Defence Force, Prisons, Corporate security, Estate police and Private Security.



Today, social media and virtual environments are unexploited sources of data. Learn about live searches, mapping, research and investigative techniques while using social media resources. It provides an ideal opportunity for personnel who are engaged in Intelligence gathering and covert research and investigations to learn from international experts, retool and stay sharp with current trends.

Key Elements of Programme:

  • How and why persons use various social media to commit crime and deviance
  • Skills, tactics and techniques to be a good social media investigator
  • Uncovering digital footprints to solve investigations
  • How to successfully conduct investigations on emails, chat sites, etc. 
  • Mapping Social Media posts and users 
  • Investigating without leaving digital footprints for others to find

Target Audience:

Law Enforcement, Military, Security, Prisons, Banks, Insurance Companies, Fraud and other Investigators. 

 Scenario-Based Training - Practical Training will form part of all techniques taught. 


Participants Receive: 

  • Certificate from Miami Dade College School of Justice and Caribbean Institute for Security and Public Safety
  • Reading Materials


About Miami Dade College: 

  • Trains over 175,000 students annually 
  • The largest institution of higher education in the US

About MDC’s School of Justice:

  • Offers degree & certificate programs in various areas of public safety, including fire, police, corrections and private security


 If you are interested in learning more about these or any other type of programmes, please do not hesitate to contact us:

Telephone: 1868-299-8635/8636, 1868-361-1024 or 1868-223-6999.


6 Self Defense and Tactical Training- Level 1 Thu, 23 August 2018 Thu, 23 August 2018 1250 TTD Per Seat

Investment: $1250.00


The importance of defensive tactics training is a growing factor within law enforcement, military, corrections and security communities. Our training program is a psychomotor skilled-based curriculum designed to not only make the student confident and capable of using proper control and restraint techniques in real world scenarios. The skills of this defensive tactics (DT) course ensure greater officer safety/survival confidence, as well as professionalism, in the face of less-lethal, non-compliant subject behavior on the job.  


Students will be exposed to an eight (8) hours DT training program with  procedures and standards amply structured to meet the most sophisticated legal challenges. This DT course represents a platform from which other essential officer safety skills may be easily learned. The curriculum is fully researched in terms of tactical, medical and legal consequences resulting from law enforcement intervention. It is structured around principles of self defence and subject control.


Certificate of Participation Awarded. Training by experienced and qualified Martial Arts and Self Defence Professional.

Thursday 23 August, 2018 8:00am-5:30pm (8 contact hours)

CISPS Training Centre, 81-82, Montrose Main Road, Chaguanas.


To register for this course, please call us 299-8635/36, 361-1024, 223-6999 or by email at





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